About Me

Hi, I'm Hilá. Here is some of my story :)

I am an emerging jewelry designer and metalsmith, specializing in one of a kind and bespoke jewelry. I work mostly in sterling silver, brass, and have recently added some gold. Every piece is hand fabricated, each stone is hand-selected. The process itself is what inspires me to keep creating. The handling of these beautiful materials, the colorful stones, the endless possibilities. Watching people light up when they wear their new jewelry brings me so much joy! I've found it to be a really special way to connect with other humans.


I was born in Israel and raised in LA, Phoenix, and Chicago. I currently reside in Phoenix, AZ and work from my downtown Phoenix studio. Growing up, I imagined a career in music. Then I went to school and studied psychology and nutrition. I earned my living working extensively in music venues, bars, and restaurants until eventually hospitality became my life. In 2018 I discovered metalsmithing and I quickly became obsessed with the craft. In 2020 the pandemic caused me to quit my hospitality jobs and pushed me towards becoming a full time artist. I fel so relieved to be back in a creative space, it‘s amazing to be here.

As an immigrant, and the child of immigrant parents, there can be so much pressure to live life a certain way. Through the years I diverged from my intuition and tried many things in pursuit of someone else's version of success. Discovering this craft has returned me to my purpose and returned peace and balance to my path.

After discovering this craft, I came to learn that my mother, her father, and her grandfather worked as goldsmiths in Israel and Egypt. Apparently my great grandfather even had a studio and a shop in Egypt! I never knew this and it blows my mind that I intuitively gravitated to the craft on my own. This deepens my love and appreciation for the art form and connects me to my family history. I am full of thanks for this little business and for every single person who has supported my efforts along the way.


The manipulation of metal is kinetic and forceful. Torches, hammers, saws, and shears abound in this craft. Yet, the intention is to create something elegant and effortless. I love this contrast; that there must be discord and chaos before there can be a clean and beautiful piece. The transformation is exciting to watch, and it is immensely satisfying when a piece comes together.

Creating, for me, is meditative, entrancing, divine. When I am really in that magical flow, I feel completely at peace in the world. I tend to design intuitively, in the moment, playing with the different elements at my bench until I’m satisfied. I consider each stone, each design component, and listen in until the piece “occurs.” I am definitely still finding my voice, establishing a canon of my own, and loving the process. 

Something that really excites me about this craft is that all of the materials are literally pulled from the earth and minimally refined before they reach my bench. The metals are pure elements and all of the stones I use are mined, cut and polished. It’s like putting pieces of the earth on display.

I also enjoy working on custom pieces, although the spots are limited. Check out Instagram or this Gallery to view past work. For inquiries send me a message here

Thanks for visiting and supporting my little business!


HILÁLI Jewelry is sold in a few Phoenix boutiques: Practical Art and SMOCA. Also on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, please check out my community project Support Phoenix Artists