*No Experience Necessary, for these workshops! All skill levels welcome.*

Workshop Policies: 

Transfers: Your workshop seat is transferable to another person at any time for free (including the day of). Just inform me via text or email so I can make note of who to expect. 

Workshop Policies
Cancellations: Full refunds are available for cancellations up to 14 days before the day of class (via email or text). Cancellations are not refundable within that 14 day window. If you absolutely must cancel within the 14 days before class and cannot find a replacement, please reach out to me via text or email to see if I can accommodate your request by pulling from the wait list. 
If you must cancel last minute, and we cannot find a replacement, I will credit you 35% of your total towards a rescheduled workshop and you will forfeit the other 65% to help me cover the costs of a lost student. Finding someone to replace you in the workshop is free, so that is best for everyone! There is no deadline for transferring your seat to another student. 

Date Swaps: You can change your workshop dates up to 14 days before your scheduled workshop date free of charge. After that window, please reach out to me via text or email to see if I can accommodate your request by pulling from the waiting list. 

Gifted Workshops: If you are purchasing as a gift, please select a date outside the 14 day window (in case they need to cancel or swap dates) and inform the person of the policies.
*These policies are carefully thought out and structured to protect my time and business from last minute drop outs, as I have had several. Last minute cancellations prevent other people from taking the class because the seats end up going unfilled. This affects my bottom line and also blocks other people from having access to those seats. Thank you for understanding and respecting my policies, now let's have some fun playing fire and metal!
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need to discuss a special situation!