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Stacker rings and Bracelets Workshop - 2.5 Hours

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$75 + $25 Materials

Result: You will end the class with a minimum of 6 textured stacker rings in any sizes you choose and minimum one bangle. 

Included: 2 Ft - 14 gauge sterling silver wire. Unlimited brass and copper wire. 

Techniques: Soldering, Stamping, Figuring out your ring size, Hammering, Filing, Patina, Finishing techniques

Tools: Oxy/propane Little Smith Torch, assortment of pliers, bench shear, hammers, hand shears, calipers, flex shaft (rotary tool)

Location: My Downtown Phoenix studio at The Coe House 

What to Expect: I will assist as with your piece as much as you'd like me to! The goal is to get you to understand the process and be able to replicate it if you choose to :) 5 people max per class.

Notes: Yes, you can gift these classes! Include a note at checkout letting me know it's a gift. Include the student's name, phone number, and email address.