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Moon Face and Leland Blue Earrings

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Leland Blue + ethically sourced, hand-carved buffalo bone from Bali, Indonesia. Set in sterling and fine silver, brass accent balls. Sterling silver posts and elegant ball backings. *note* these are rather heavy, so not for sensitive ear lobes!

What is Leland Blue?

The eye-catching Leland Blue has a peculiar and little known history. The stone is actually a
by-product of the iron ore smelting industry that persisted in Leland during the late 1800s. The
by-product of smelting is called slag and is created in the purifying process to create iron. As the smelting industry collapsed, the waste was dumped into the Great Lakes and now shows up on MMichigan shores in the form of Leland Blue stones. However, despite the name, these “rocks” can also come in colors such as purple, grey, or green.

Whether you’re lucky enough to find one of these coveted stones or it takes a while to finally strike “northern Michigan gold”, these rocks remind us of that special corner of the world.